Rules and Regulations

  1. SEATING CHART – The Wheaton Band has a standard concert seating configuration.  Please check the announcement board each rehearsal to see where you are placed.
  2. REHEARSAL AND CONCERT PROMPTNESS –We start at 7:30 p.m. and quit at 10:15 p.m. for rehearsals, and concerts begin at 7:30 p.m. sharp.   Call time for rehearsals and concerts is 7:15 p.m.  Large cases can be left on park benches.  If it begins to rain, you may go retrieve your case.
  3. REST ROOMS – You may use the rest rooms in the concession stand.  In the event these rest rooms are locked, please see a staff member who will open city hall for you.
  4. AUDITION RESULTS – These are maintained and will be used as necessary to bring new players for temporary or permanent substitutions.  If you wish to know your score, ask the Personnel Manager. 
  5. MUSIC FOLDERS – No music may be taken home for practice.
  6. CITY INSTRUMENTS – The WMB owns some  instruments.  If you need an instrument to play in the WMB, please see the General Manager.
  7. TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS – If interest is expressed, a list of players sorted by hometown will be posted to assist those who wish to make contacts for car pooling.
  8. CELLULAR PHONES/ DIGITAL DEVICES – must be turned off during rehearsals and concerts.  They may be used during breaks and intermissions. 
  9. STAGE DECORUM –No food or smoking is allowed on stage at any time.  Smoking is not allowed in Memorial Park.
  10. JULY 4th Parade – members must sign up to perform.  Check the announcement board.
  11. END OF REHEARSAL AND CONCERT – All instrument playing should cease when the conductor leaves the podium at the close of each session.  Please put all the music back in the folder and close it.  Wind clips remain on the stand.  Move quickly off the stage so that the librarian and the work crew can go to work.
  12. RAIN/INCLEMENT WEATHER – always check the WMB Facebook page for any notifications in case of rain or questionable weather.   If any cancellations are made, they will appear on the page as posted by "Wheaton Municipal Band" well in advance of rehearsals or concerts.   If no posting is made, please show up at the band shell.   Any decisions after that will be made by band staff at the band shell.  
  13. ATTENDANCE – We expect you to be loyal and faithful;  the basis of your pay is a rehearsal and a concert each week combined.  You may not play the concert without its attendant rehearsal. You must play 7 or the 9 concerts as a regular player for two (2) consecutive years to be considered a “continuing” player (see WMB Guidelines for further info.).  The July 4th Parade, special concerts and the Jazz Band concerts are not considered regular concerts in counting the 7 concerts.  Players who will be absent more than 2 regular concerts (but typically no more than 4), however, may still be engaged as regular members.
  14. INTERMISSIONS –  At concerts, there is to be no playing on stage by band members (except intermission brass ensemble) until the signal has been given to indicate the intermission is over.
  15. UNIFORMS FOR CONCERTS – The full uniform consists of WMB coat, black slacks, white short-sleeved shirt with collar, black socks (long enough so no leg shows), black shoes (no sandals) and black bow ties.  The band furnishes the coat, pants (upon request) and bow-ties.  This uniform is to be worn at all concerts.  In uncomfortable levels of heat, we remove the coat and possibly bowtie, but this decision is made at the concert.  Be sure to always bring the coat and tie.  Failure to wear the full uniform will result in disciplinary action up to and including:  receiving a verbal warning, receiving ½ pay for each concert where the complete uniform is not observed, not being invited back to play in future years or termination from the band.  The main distribution of uniforms will be before or after the first three rehearsals.  The location for this will be posted and announced at the beginning of the season.  A group of names will be announced each night to be fitted with a uniform.  Be prepared to stay late after these rehearsals.
  16. DISCIPLINE – Good discipline in any large musical group is essential.  Please exercise courtesy, common sense and good judgment when dealing with the conductor, officers and fellow musicians.  There is to be no uncalled-for improvising or poor playing.  Unprofessional musicianship/behavior are grounds for dismissal.  Behavior which is detrimental to the effectiveness of the band or to its reputation will also be grounds for dismissal.  In the past, members have been dismissed for inappropriate behavior.  You are an independent contractor hired by the City of Wheaton;  The officers and professional staff have the right to terminate your employment and replace you with someone else.
  17. TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT --  WMB members are independent contractors employed at will.  Performers who wish to resign from the band are asked to do so in a professional manner and give at least one full week notice to the Personnel Manager.  WMB may terminate employment of any performer for professional reasons as well, and timely notice will be given.  Files are kept of performers and, if necessary, are used in determining any future placement in the WMB.
  18. ABSENCES, TARDINESS, AND VACATIONS – Attendance sheets are posted for each concert week.  Please indicate an “X” for any concerts you will miss.  If you are absent and you do not indicate this on the Attendance Sheet( or Band Website), your absence would be unexcused and your pay may be docked for each occurrence.  This will also reflect poorly on you when the membership committee considers you for membership in subsequent years.  Any repeated tardiness to rehearsals or concerts will result in docking of pay and/or removal from the band.
  19. YOUR PAY – You will receive a City of Wheaton check after all city instruments and uniforms are checked in.  Checks usually arrive in September.  There will be no tax deductions from checks, as band members are considered “Independent Contractors”.  Independent Contractors are responsible for any tax liabilities that are incurred as a result of receiving payment from the City.
  20. SOLO/ENSEMBLE AUDITIONS/PERFORMANCES – Auditions traditionally are held on the first Sunday after general auditions.  You must have music prepared as though it were to be performed that day.  If accepted as a soloist or ensemble member, you are required to meet with the director prior to the rehearsal of your piece.  You are also required to supply a suitable background/resume to the announcer at least one week in advance of your performance.