1. Applicants must be a minimum of 15 years of age by the first rehearsal of the season.
  2. The performance level of the band demands that applicants should have attained a high level of proficiency on their instruments, at least at the college level, and should be able to accurately sight read music at a grade level of  5 (1-6 scale).

Audition and Seating Procedure

  1. All candidates, including former members must audition each year. Roster seating is determined by an audition committee composed of band officers, managers, and the Music Director.
  2. During the season, if the Music Director is dissatisfied with the seating order, the Music Director may re-audition members or adjust their seating.
  3. Applicants not selected as regular members may be considered as substitutes.  Substitutes may be called on to perform during the season either as substitutes or regular members.

Responsibilities and Status of Members

  1. Regular members of the WMB will be required to maintain satisfactory attendance at rehearsals and concerts.  Members must attend the Wednesday evening rehearsal in order to play the Thursday night concert of that week.
  2. Regular members are generally expected to play at least half of the Thursday night performances, which is 5 concerts out of  9.  Players who expect to miss more than half of the concerts should audition for a substitute spot.  Regular members who show dedication and loyalty by performing at least 7 of the 9 regular Thursday night concerts after being accepted to the band 2 season in a row will be granted "continuing member" status.  Once granted this status, and as long as the City of Wheaton funds the WMB, continuing members will be accepted to the band as a regular member, as long as they are a member in good status, audition, achieve an acceptable audition score of 60/120 in sight reading, and perform 7 of the Thursday concerts each season. 
  3. Members must demonstrate continuing musical competence and abide by WMB General Rules and Regulations.

Rehearsals and Performances


  1. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at Memorial Park Bandshell, unless stated otherwise.  Rehearsal times are 7:30 – 10:15 p.m.
  2. The first week of the band season  may include a Tuesday night rehearsal.
  3. Regular call times are given in the WMB General Rules and Regulations.


The band officers, Music Director and the General Manager determine the season schedule.  This includes regular Thursday evening concerts, July 4th parade and any special concerts.

Concert Dress

The description of band concert dress is explained in the WMB General Rules and Regulations.

Band Council

Band Officers

  1. Elected band officers include President, Vice-President, Secretary, and three Band Trustees.
  2. The President, Vice-President and Secretary are elected each year.  Band Trustees serve a three-year term, rotating so that only one is elected each year.
  3. Band officers must be available for meetings throughout the year.  The band President chairs meetings of the band officers and staff.  Meetings are open to the membership of the band.  The board may declare itself in Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel matters.
  4. Election of the band officers is held at a regularly scheduled rehearsal in July.  Through regular announcements, members of the band will be notified at least one week before the election.  Vote will be by secret ballot, unless the entire slate of candidates is unopposed.
  5. Only regular members, not substitutes, of the band are eligible to vote.

 Band Staff

  1. Professional band staff includes Music Director/Conductor, Announcer, General Manager, Personnel Manager, Business Manager, Brass Ensemble Manager, Librarian, Director of Publicity, and Uniform Custodian.
  2. In case of resignation from office of a member of the professional staff, the General Manager will post job openings, organize interviews, and present the band board with a candidate.  The band officers will make a recommendation to the Wheaton Band Commission.  Professional staff members are appointed by the Band Commission and are salaried directly by the City of Wheaton.
  3. Secondary band staff positions include members of the work crew, audition judges and helpers, and others as determined by the band officers and professional band staff.  The General Manager  makes the appointment of these positions.


  1. Regular and Alternate members who play with the Wheaton Municipal Band must sign and return a contract with the City of Wheaton.
  2. Payment for performances may be withheld if an individual has no contract on file.
  3. Individuals who do not fulfill the terms of the contract may be penalized as set forth in the contract.
  4. The payroll is usually processed after the conclusion of the season, after all contracts have been signed and returned, and after all uniforms and WMB equipment has been returned.