Benefactor ($500 & Up)
The DuPage Foundation as designated
by Dick and Betty Geyer, Wheaton
Bruce & Kathy Moss, Bowling Green, OH 
Jeremy Noe, Chicago  
Trish and Randy Patterson, Wheaton
Al & Rudy Vanderklay, Wheaton
Mary and Les Wiberg, Wheaton

Band Master (min $200)
John & Pamela Dalby, Wheaton
Pete Friedmann & Karen Laner
Ann & Dan Kinsella, Wheaton
Jane & Bill Kindorf, Wheaton
Zondra & John Swanson, Carol Stream

Band Director (min $100)
Ken & Annabel Bergman, Wheaton
Linda Chmielarz, Wheaton
Ted & Jane Duncan, Glen Ellyn
Arthur & Elizabeth Fedder ☼
Ben & Lois Heaton, Wheaton
The Leahy Family
John & Rosemary Luther
K.F. & Deanna Marner, Carol Stream
Marcie Matze, Glen Ellyn
Dennis & Joy Murphy, Glen Ellyn
Alice & Byrd Parmelee
Carol &  Byron Powell, Wheaton
Eileen & Wayne Reznicek, Wheaton
Jean Rhoades, Wheaton
Elizabeth Robertson, Wheaton ☼
Ted Utchen, Wheaton
Dr. Donald G. Westlake

Band Member (min $50)
Anonymous, Wheaton
Jim & Penny Alexander, Carol Stream
Larry & Judy Beckerdite, Bloomingdale ☼
Luz Berd, Wheaton
Dick & Shirley Brown, Glen Ellyn
Ruth & Ken Carlson, Hanover Park
Don & Tina Cavalli, Naperville ☼
Barbara & Anthony Giordano, Wheaton
Noel & Ginny Kalis, Elmhurst
Durema Kohl, Wheaton
Keith & Donna Kolar
Betty & Tony Lanzara, Wheaton
Lou & Shirley Lucchesi, Bloomingdale
Gerald and Karen Miller
Bob & Joan Nejdl, Downers Grove
Frances L. Obrecht, Wheaton
George & Joan Reuss, Wheaton
Tom & Pat Ruggaber, Wheaton
The Rylko Family, Wheaton ☼
Grace & Tom Schwanda, Wheaton
Bob & Marge Stevens, Wheaton
Wilma & Dick Strine, Glen Ellyn
Charles & Linda Young, Aurora


The Friends of the Wheaton Municipal Band acknowledge and give grateful thanks to donors who have contributed to support the Wheaton Municipal Band. This listing of donors reflects contributions made in 2015. While we have carefully prepared the list, we realize that errors may occur. If you are not properly recognized on this list, please accept our apology and contact us so that we may correct our records.

Band Aide (min $35) 
John & Sonya Ehrich  ☼ 
Harry & Marlene Gaertner,
Richardson, TX
Dennis & Maureen Norman
Marcia & John Roman
Marjorie & Vern Trevorrow, Glen Ellyn
Jeannine Warkow, Winfield

Band Fan (min $20) 
Grace & George Bickel, Wheaton
Marty & Mary Cosgrove, Winfield
Matt & Kealyn Geraldi, Elmhurst
The Hanson Family, Geneva
Mary J. Hess, Glen Ellyn
George Lewinski, Wheaton
Eleanore M. Mate
Mary C. Michna, Wheaton
Alice & Joe Vanest, Glen Ellyn
Elmer Wetmore, Wheaton
Nancy Wilson, Wheaton

Corporate Contributers
Citizens for Gresk
Friedmann Communications, Inc.
Northern Trust
Prairie Path Books
The Village Tavern & Grill

In Memory of …

Ernie Anderson and Sharon Ehrich
from The Ehrich FamilyVirginia Cavalli ♪
from Don & Tina Cavalli
William Haas
from Larry & Judy Beckerdite
George S. Mate, from Eleanore W. Mate
Chuck Matze from Marcie Matze
Ruth & Ray Mulholland
from Alice & Joe Vanest
John Noe ♪ from Bruce & Kathy Moss
Millie Nurse from Bruce & Kathy Moss
George Rhoades from Jean Rhoades
Roman & Lucille Rylko ♪
from The Rylko Family
Helen Gum Westlake
from Dr. Donald G. Westlake
Helen Westlake
from Bruce & Kathy Moss

J Active member of the Wheaton Municipal Band
☼   Friends of Wheaton Band Volunteer
© Deceased Band Wagon member
 ♪  Deceased parent of an Active Band Member